The Yellow Nationalist

Indeed, it is the path to lethal traps of the oxymoron, hypocrisy, and the paradox. I find that absurdity is part of the basic nature of most political “stories.” To avoid missteps in the multi-dimensional and complicated nature of the events I created, I also created an alter ego as a process of disambiguation. Within this process, I also fragment my own identity. As a result, it abstracts the notion of my past self as an anti-hero, by observing the one-dimensional character I play in the film. It allows me to have a unique position as a third-party observer with a less biased self-critical view. This is how the characters for my film, the Yellow Nationalists, were conceived.

Screenshot from “In pursuit of greatness

These characters are an extreme version of my identity from the past. This one-dimensional character has lost the ability to reason and is brainwashed by fear-mongering propaganda. The zombie-like yellow figure stares at the audience with googly, wiggling, unfocused, eyes, and wears my high school military uniform. Predictably, these characters become violent when they find differences within any individual.

Screenshot from “In pursuit of greatness

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Frank YJ Cho

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