“In pursuit of greatness”: forgive me if I’ve ever hurt you 2019

We all learn every day. Not only do we educate ourselves for a better life, but we also learn from unintended exposure to information, including propaganda. It is easy to find the motivation to learn, and sometimes it doesn’t take any motivation at all, as in the method of brainwashing by repeated exposure to particular information. However, we hardly find any motivation to un-educate ourselves.

My thesis work has been a process of uncovering the embedded painful histories of myself through critical analysis; it was a process of investigation of the insidious force of our socio-political condition. It was an un-educating process, the removal of toxic knowledge, and of my previous cultural prejudice, of politically motivated privilege, brainwashed ideology, in order to learn and find my true self as an artist. The indoctrination that prevents the individual from “free-thinking” was peeled away in layers of misguided education. I used divergent thinking for the possible varied responses that define the creative process. It all started with searching for my own identity in a foreign country, and I found the connection of absurdity in the human condition within my socio-political surroundings, past, and present.

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Frank YJ Cho

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