The Propaganda HQ

A propaganda machine – a vehicle of anti-communistic patriotism and ethnocentrism in my childhood.

1. Size matters – intimidate or dominate.

2. Provide good protection.

3. The detachable control center (Cockpit) provides mobility and bail-out exit.


The Control Center

3D Mirascope Illusion Dome with Frog

Create a 3D hologram image in our Mirascope Illusion Dome. Place an object in the dome and the 3D image will appear on top, but you can not touch it! The black plastic dish and dome produce an instant illusion with its internal parabolic mirrors. Our 3-D Mirascope includes a little plastic frog that you can place inside the device to produce the floating Hologram on top of the dome. A classic mirage making a toy from the twentieth century.


Price: $9.98 $6.98

Main control center AKA Cockpit of the propaganda“LABOR-X” prototype

1. Illusion Producer

2. Re-writable surface

3. Agility

4. Inconsistent movements between top and bottom

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Frank YJ Cho