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  • Date: 7/2013 – 4/2014
  • Principal Investigator: Ken Johansen, MM, DMA, Travis Hardaway, DMA / Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University
  • Role: Contracted Graphic Designer / UI Developer
  • Description: ReadAhead provides short and enjoyable 5-10-minute daily practice sessions, which help pianists quickly develop their skills in sight-reading. Innovative training exercises are incorporated in a carefully designed curriculum built around high-quality music. ReadAhead is designed to help piano students build the right habits and develop the skills necessary to easily read music at their skill level.


For Classical pianists, the ability to sight-read is an essential skill. Pianists who sight-read fluently have more performance opportunities, learn music more easily and are more effective teachers. To become good sight-readers, students need a large collection of pieces, graded according to difficulty, and a systematic method that will teach them to read efficiently and meaningfully, presented in an attractive, easy-to-use format that allows them to work on their own, and at the same time be monitored by their teacher. Read Ahead solves one of the most important, yet difficult, problems in sight-reading: how to make the eyes move in advance of where you are playing.


Development Milestone 3 to 5:  UI designs

  • Test group result analysis (optimal level of difficulty, task amount, evaluation, rewarding…)
  • “Game” user Interface development.
  • Game process development “Rewards/Scoring”
  • Visual concept development.
 Read Ahead Game Process


Concept Illustrations – Piano, Violin and TromboneNavigation

Prototype Image #1

Prototype Image #2

Prototype Image #3

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