HOUSE 3 중화반점(中華飯店) Chinese Restaurant

By in From East to West / MFA on June 15, 2013

I am in the middle of an identity crisis as an expatriate from Korea. While having this nostalgic moment of thinking about being surrounded by my people in Korea, and searching for the meaning of who I am in this new world with new people at the same time, I found this Chinese restaurant in both places. Even though they serve a totally different set of menus, I felt that the experiences are too similar to dismiss. I’m no lover of Chinese food and have no deep relation with Chinese culture. I found this notion of a “Chinese Restaurant” can be used to build a bridge between my past and today. Korean-Chinese and American-Chinese food are not recognized as Chinese food in mainland China. The menu, taste, and language are all different in different countries, but we call them all Chinese food. No matter what, Chinese Food is Chinese Food. Maybe I am a kind of “Chinese Restaurant.”

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Frank YJ Cho

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