HOUSE 1 #02 풍수(風水) Feng Shui and Vagina

By in From East to West / MFA on July 18, 2012

Feng Shui, the Chinese Metaphysics idea, is spread out through history and cultures. Japanese people practiced Feng Shui in making beautiful gardens with this idea. Donald Trump made a ton of money by glamorizing his properties with the Feng Shui touch. In Korea, however, my ancestors were greatly concerned with ideas about the afterlife. Many people believed that good “Qi” flow on someone’s grave not only gives a dead soul a peaceful rest, but also destines their descendants’ happiness, wealth, and health. There are endless tales of searching for the most sacred place for burials, the golden spot. However, my understanding; based on numerous books and stories surrounding the “golden spot,” draws one clear image; a vagina.  A big vagina made of mountains. The underlying philosophy is that you should go back to where you came from… I always wondered why it resembles a vagina…

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Frank YJ Cho

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