HOUSE 1 #01 Virgin was a scary word.

By in From East to West / MFA on June 30, 2012

Sex is great. In traditional Korean society, however, women could have sex only with their husbands. Womens’ rights were oppressed under the Confucianism-based culture. In folklore, if a girl dies before her marriage (usually the story goes that she was raped and killed by a group of guys), she would be enraged in the afterlife. The rage will consume her soul, turning her into a virgin ghost! It was the scariest creature in Korean ghost stories, and it scared the heck out of me, especially during summer nights. Here people talk about zombies or vampires. In Korea, we had these furious virgin ghosts.

After I saw the sign: “Virgin is not a dirty word,”  I pulled over and stared at that sign to understand what it meant. From my background, this phrase could have had many different bizarre meanings.

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Frank YJ Cho

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