Fate of the Giants

Everything that we have imagined yesterday is happening today and tomorrow. Technology allows us to fulfill our dream. Today we can buy a pair of glasses connects us to the internet of things. Cars drive without a driver. Drones are about to deliver packages that we order from our smartphones. However, one great imagination, I have been most waited, would not happen near future. I wanted to a giant robot saving us from enemies from an unknown world. I have learned that people don’t produce without a demand. People call it “economy.” Making things cost money. If the thing does not guarantee return to the investment, people call it a “wasted.” In the 70s’ Korea was the golden age of the Robot_Taekwon_V_1976Japanese giant robot animations. There was the Mazinger Z and Gundam. In 1976, the first domestic giant, Taekwon V, was introduced. It immediately became a mega-smash hit. In the picture, “Gift for million children.” ” The robot stunned the world.” Today nobody is talking about the Giant robots anymore.  In today’s technology, It is possible to make one but I also see absolutely no use of the giant in this world and new type warfare. We are too far from a threat from extraterrestrials. Also, This giant has no space for this human scale conflict such as a terrorism.

However, I see now, the Taekwon V  had a different use in 1970s’  Korea, This blockbuster hit animation has met its own demands. It was made in Korea, not in Japan. The robot practiced Korean martial art Taekwondo!!



Changchung_Apartment“My home in Chang Chun Dong” This Giant Robot head inspired structure will provide protection to our ideology and national pride.


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